Terms & Conditions

1. General
These Terms & Conditions apply to all offers from Snowsports Instructor and agreements with Snowsports Instructor. People partaking in any of the courses and/or activities of Snowsports Instructor are referred to as 'Participant' hereafter.  Besides these Terms & Conditions, the Terms & Conditions of any cooperating partner organisation apply. 

2. Commitment
Confirmation of the commitment and enrollment are irrevocable. Snowsports Instructor reserves the rights to cancel any commitment on grounds of good reasons. Verbal agreements or promises are legally binding only after a written confirmation by Snowsports Intstructor. The Terms & Conditions are applicable on amendments to the agreement.

3. Prices and payment
If one or more cost-determining factors, upon which Snowsports Instructor based her prices, are altered after the offer or the conclusion of the agreement, as a result of any circumstance whatsoever, Snowsports Instructor will be entitled to increase the offered or agreed prices accordingly, without this entitling the opposing party to terminate the agreement in part or in full. Prices shown on promotional material, such as our website, flyers, posters or banners, are non-binding. No rights can be accrued for this.

Every Participant is required to pay a down payment of €200,- within 14 (fourteen) days after enrolling a course or activity. The rest of the price needs to be payed to Snowsports Instructor before the start of the course.

Snowsports Instructor reserves the right to suspend all her obligations for as long as Participant has not fullfilled his/her payment-obligation. In case Participant fails to pay their down payment or rest payment timely, Snowsports Instructor reserves the right to cancel without any restitution of already payed dues or unpaid dues.

4. Personal information
Participant bears full responsibility for the correctness, completeness and trustworthiness of the, by him/her, provided personal information. In case Snowsports Instructor has not obtained the required personal information timely, Snowsports Instructor reserves the right to not execute the agreement. Participant is fully responsible for mandatory travel documents, like a passport. In case Participant cannot travel fully or partially due to a lack of mandatory travel documents, all the resulting costs are to be payed by Participant.

5. Amendments
Uptill 28 days before the starting date, Participant can request amendments for a course or activity. If possible this will be implemented. €20,- is charged for amendments requested within 28 days before the start date., besides added fees due to changing the course. 

6. Cancellation
In case Participant decides to cancel the course during the course, Participant is not entitled to any compensation for the costs made by Snowsports Instructor and/or her partners. If Participant cancels at least 28 days before the startdate, Participant is entitled to a restitution of the coursecosts minus €200,- cancellation fee. In case Participant cancels within 28 days before departure, Participant is entitle to a restitution of the coursecosts minus 50% cancellation fee. Cancelling withing 14 days before the startdate entitles Participant to no restitution. No refunds are available for extra booked transport.

7. Liability
Snowsports Instructor operates as intermediary to make agreements for courses, accomodation, employment contracts and transport. The execution of every part is the responsiblity of the provider of courses, accomodation, employment contracts and transport. In case of errors or problems Snowsports Instructor will try everything she can to mediate between Participant and provider. Any results are not guaranteed. Snowsports Instructor is never responsible for consequential damages, property damages, immaterial and material damages and other indirect damages occuring by any cause. Participant is advised on having a fully covering travel insurance and obliged to ensure this before the start of the course.

8. Behaviour Participant
Snowsports Instructor informs Participant about rules, norms and guidelines applying to participating a course or an activity. In case Participant does not behave according to these rules, norms and guidelines, Snowsports Instructor and/or her partnerorganisations are allowed to end the participation of Participant. In that case Participant is not entitled to any restitution of a payments or costs.


These Terms & Conditions of Snowsports Instructor are deposited at the Chamber of Commerce Oost Nederland nr. 55334970. Snowsports Instructor is a subsidiary of Wintersports Group.

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