The Snowsports hotels

Your stay with Snowsports Instructor is in luxurious and neat accomodations that offer space to prepare for intense coursedays. Snowsports hotels are provided with:

- Spacious bedrooms
- Free WiFi
- Extensive breakfast buffet
- Variational diners
- Study spaces
- Wellness
- Bar

Hotel Fischer

Sankt Johann in Tirol

For years we have stayed at Hotel Fischer during our december courses. This hotel lies at the heart of the small town Sankt Johann in Tirol and offers comfort, relaxation and all the other facilities you wish for during the busy courseschedule.

Great hotel with an awesome bar. Plenty of study spaces. Clean rooms and good food!

Participant ski instructor course Vere

Hotel Alpine Resort


This very luxurious hotel in Fieberbrunn is the residence of the snowboarders during the december course. The hotel lies directly to the piste a lot of luxury and comfort to help you focus on your Anwärter license.

I have never slept in such a luxurious hotel before! And a good sleep is crucial for the course!

Participant snowboard instructor course Esra

Hotel Pinzger

Lanersbach Hintertux

During our summer courses we stay in hotel Pinzger in Lanersbach. This hotel has everything we expect from a hotel. Spacious rooms, good food, great bar, study spaces, wellness and a busstop out the door, to get to the glacier.

Great hotel with a lot of study spots. The wellness and the bar are good as well. I had so much fun with the employees, they are awesome!

Participant ski instructor course Sjoerd

It is with the hotels shown above that we have established a great relationship over the years. However, due to circumstances, it is possible that we have to book another hotel. We obviously search for the best alternative in the area and inform you about it ASAP.

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