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Snowsports Instructor team

All Snowsports trainers, instructors, employees and ambassadors are passionate winter sports lovers who have been active since many years. We gladly introduce ourselves.

Sjoerd Molenaar

General Manager Snowsports Instructor

Without Sjoerd Snowsports Instructor would only be an idea. Ever since he was a small child he has been in love with skiing. He decided to put the extra time he had into his passion to manage Snowsports Instructor. He is experienced in organising all kinds of events and Sjoerd is a ski instructor during the winter seasons.

The Snowsports International team

Stefan Aalders

CEO Snowsports International

Stefan has lived in Austria in the winter seasons for over 10 years. As an early-bird he stepped on his skis when he was only five years old. His passion for winter sports is seen through all his qualifications and companies he founded. With Snowsports International he offers courses for ski instructors and snowboard instructors from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Niek van der Horst

Marketing manager

Niek has been involved with the Snowsport courses and trainings from the start. After acquiring his Austrian snowboard instructor license in 2006, he never set foot in the Netherlands during a winter season.

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Snowsports Instructor is the training institute for ski instructor and snowboard instructor courses.

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