What can you expect during a course?

Day schedule

The schedule of a ski instructor course is busy and full. Ten days of skiing, talking about skiing and dreaming of skiing.

  • In the morning you are on the slopes for practical training.
  • In the afternoons you have different theory classes.
  • In the evenings you have time for yourself to study, study together or ask questions, in English, to the coaches.

After ten days of hard work, practice, training and learning you have reached the end of the 10-day Anwärter ski instructor course. The last couple days will be spent on practical exams and theory exams. Keep in mind that you should start these days fit and rested to increase your chances of passing!

Practical Exams

As a ski instructor you stand in front of a group and spend a lot of time on the piste. There are a couple of practical skills required for you to have. The practical part of the Anwärter consists of 'Schulefahren', 'Lehrauftritt' and 'Eigen können.'

'Schulefahren' is correctly demonstrating two basic ski techniques.

'Lehrauftritt' is an instructing exam for 20 to 30 minutes. You need to know and apply the methodical progression of the instructing theme in German. Besides the knowledge you will be judged based on your organising, safety and methods during your exam.

'Eigen können' is nothing more than demonstrating your own skills. You are judged on dynamics, rythm, speed and your posture.


Being a ski instructor means that you can substantiate skiing and everything involved in skiing with theory. The theory classes for the Anwärter course are held in the afternoons after skiing. This all takes place in German. The subjects that are discussed are:

  • Movement
  • Education
  • Materials
  • Children education
  • First Aid
  • Avalanche Awareness

Anwärter Certificate

After passing your theory and practical exams you obtain your Anwärter certificate. As of that moment you can officially start your job as a ski instructor with an Austrian ski schools (also other countries)!

Ski equipment

  • Skis, we recommend an all-mountain ski, about 10-15 cm shorter than body length, not too stiff or heavy. You can ask us for personal advice!
  • Ski boots, make sure to have your own ski boots that fit to your foot.
  • Ski sticks, neither too long nor too short. In ski position your elbows should approximately be in a 90 degree angle.
  • Helmet (mandatory), take care that your helmet fits and connects to your ski goggles.

After booking your course we send you a complete checklist with all the important materials to bring with you!

What is included?

  • Half-board, quality hotel in Austria (breakfast + diner)
  • Lift pass
  • Course price + administrative costs
  • Coach for all your questions
  • Mock exam for the theory exam
  • 100% job guarantee!
  • Transfer to and from the airport (Salzburg)
  • Job profiling for snowboarders

What is exclusive?

What are the practical exams?

The practical exams consist of three parts:
- 'Schulefahren': demonstrating basic techniques
- 'Eigen Können': demonstrating parallel skiing
- 'Lehrauftritt': an instructing exam

What to expect of the theory exam?

The theory exam consists of open questions answered in German. It consists of multiple subjects that should all be passed. You get about 90 minutes to answer 25 questions.

How can I tell whether my ski level is good enough?

For the Anwärter ski instructor course your level should be good enough to ski down red and black slopes easily. You should be able to do short and long turns.

Can I get extra training?

Snowsports Instructor organises a 2-day training in Austria right before the start of the Anwärter course. Besides that we offer a German course. Check our events schedule for the exact dates.

How do I know whether my German is decent?

We recommend everyone to follow the German course for ski and snowboard instructors through Snowsports Instructor. The course teaches you the important terminology and it offers you tips & tricks to prepare you for the Anwärter course.

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