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After you passed the Anwärter course you can take your skiing to the next level with the Landes course. 'Landes' is the second level in the Austrian qualification system for ski and snowboard instructors. Advantages of your Landes certificate are a higher salary at a skischool and it permits you to instruct more advanced skiers and snowboarders. First things first though, you require a couple of weeks of experience, instructing at the Anwärter level, before you take up the Landes course. The tempo is much higher on this course and you will learn to ski or board off piste too. The Landes course takes place fully in Austria.

Landes for skiers

  • Landes 1

    The first part of the Landes course focuses on skiing dynamically both on and off piste, the giant slalom and mogul skiing. This part takes 10 days.

  • Alpinkurs

    Learn to ski safe and responsible off piste with groups. This part takes seven days.

  • Landes 2

    The second part of the Landes course. Improving your own abilities and teaching advanced skiers.

    After passing all three parts of the Landes course, you obtain a Landes ski instructor certificate.

Landes for snowboarders

  • Landes

    Carving on piste, giant slalom, free riding and freestyle are the main subjects in the Landes course. The Landes course for snowboarders takes ten days.

  • Alpinkurs

    To get a taste of safe and responsible off piste boarding. It takes seven days.

    With these two parts you will have you snowboard Landes certificate.

Participation criteria

Before you can start your Landes you have to meet certain criteria. You need to have at least three weeks of experience instructing at a skischool. You need your afternoons at the skischool to train for yourself and we suggest you invest more free time into your skiing skills. You must be highly skilled in order to pass the exams. Carving on piste, giant slalom, free riding (off piste), mogul skiing and freestyle boarding (slope tricks, box and kickers). Every part of the course needs to be passed before you officially receive your Landes certificate.

We would like to give you personal advice for this course. Please contact Snowsports Instructor.

What is a 'landes' course?

The 'Landes' course is the second level in the Austrian qualification system. You are allowed to instruct more advanced people with this certificate. On the course you will improve your technique and ski at a higher tempo.

Who does a Landes course?

The Landes course is for ski instructors and snowboard instructors who are keen on learning more. After you receive your Anwärter we strongly advice on working as an instructor for a season. When you are still eager to learn more, want to instruct more advanced people (ánd earn more), you can enroll for the Landes course.

How long will the Landes course take?

The Landes ski course consists of three parts: 'Landes 1' takes ten days, 'Landes 2' takes ten days and the 'Alpinkurs' takes seven days. Every part consists of practical and theory exams. The snowboard trajectory is faster. It consists of two parts: the 'Landes' part which takes ten days and an 'Alpinkurs' taking a week. The Landes course is organised during a winterseason.

Which extra skills are required?

For your Landes ski it is obvious that your 'schulefahren', the demonstrating skills must be spot on for starter and advanced techniques. Besides that you require experience in the giant slalom, mogul skiing and off piste. The only difference with Landes for snowboarders is the requirement to freestyle instead of mogul skiing.

What gear do I need?

Since Landes includes going off piste, an avalanche transceiver, a probe and a shovel are mandatory. Besides that think of off-piste skis / snowboard, race skis / snowboard or a freestyle board.

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