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Work as a ski instructor

Working in Austria as a ski instructor is one of the best jobs in existence. If it was up to us we would claim that it is the best. Spend your days in the snowy mountains, teach other about your favorite hobby. After the classes you hit the slopes for a couple of rounds yourself, to finish the day with colleague in the après-ski. In many resorts bars and restaurants have special discount offers for instructors and some bars even serve special ski instructor beer in the après-ski!


Work schedule

Every Sunday morning the ski schools divide the children over the groups. A group usually stays together for five days, from Sunday till Thursday. Morning classes are from 10:00 am - 12:00 am and the afternoon classes are from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. You can spend your Fridays giving private classes, to earn some extras. Saturday is the changeover day in the village, all the guests return home and the new guests arrive. This is your day off, so a perfect opportunity to race down the slopes with friends and/or colleagues!

Every school has their own work times, this differs per resort and depends on the amount of ski instructors employed at the ski school.


The ski schools have multiple living areas (ski instructor house) for their instructors. You are appointed to a residence where you sleep together with a colleague. Most scenarios you live together with multiple colleagues and share a living room, kitchen and bathroom. You can compare this with student residences, located in fun and snowy ski village surrounded by mountains! Most of the ski school ask between €8,- and €10,- per night for a room. This will be kept from your wage, unless you organise your own housing. In that case you pay the housing by yourself and your wage is fully payed to you.

Lift pass + ski suit

As ski or snowboard instructor you get a lift pass and ski suit from the ski school. Sometimes you have to pay some deposit. That differs per ski school.


As a ski instructor you earn approximately ten euro per hour. You get a zero-hours contract and you are payed to the hours that you work. Most of the time you work six day per week, four hours a day. This is about 1000 euro per month.


At the ski school you teach with your own materials. Make sure that you have your own skis and ski boots before you arrive at the ski school. You can order ski materials with discount in the Snowsports Instructor webshop.


The main language at the ski schools is Austrian, this is German with a dialect. Make sure that you have some basic German skills to communicate with your manager and colleagues. Instructing will be in German as well, however you could also do this in English.


During work hours at a ski school, you are insured through the school. All your time outside of "office hours" you should arrange your own insurance. All you need to know about insurances can be found at our ski instructor insurances!

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